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How to earn money online with Google? : 4 simple ways

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Google se paise kaise kamaye

Nowadays, the terms Internet and Google are used interchangeably because Google is world’s largest search engine.

If you are looking for an answer to the question: “How to earn money online with Google?” then this article will give you the answer. However, if you are searching for an answer to the question: “How to earn money online?” then click the highlighted link.  

There is a difference between the two questions, because the second question is a separate topic which can have many answers.

Here we are going to focus on making money from Google.

How to earn money online with Google? Or how to make money online with Google?

It is easy to earn money with Google. You have to be very patient, because sometimes it takes several days to get results.

Once the money starts coming, the job becomes much easier and you can increase your income slowly. Please do not expect overnight success.

A friend of mine earns over a million using the below mentioned techniques. He was the one who  inspired me to come to this field.

Now you must be wondering why someone would share these tips with others. Today I'll tell you a secret.

Blogging is an industry where there is no place for secrets. Every blogger wants to be successful by helping others, because your success becomes our success. I will tell you in detail about this in the end.

4 ways to earn money online with Google:

1. Google Blogger
2. Google Adsense
3. Youtube
4. Google Apps

1. How to earn money with Google blogger?

You can make free blogs with Google Blogger. You just have to make a blog on a topic in which people should be interested.

Niche Blogging is the best way for this purpose. You just have to choose a topic about which you have information which you can share. And just make sure that more and more people are searching on internet about that topic.

Make a list of topics on which you can write about. Then make a subsequent list of possible search terms or keywords which people might use to search for that topic on Google.

After that check how much traffic is there on each keywords or phrases. You can get this information from the Google Keyword Planner.

Once you have all these details it becomes very easy to choose on what topics you should write about.

Once you have written an article and published it, just share it with your friends via social media and wait for the traffic.

Learn more about blogging in detail here. Once you have good traffic you can earn money via 2 main methods:

· Google AdSense

2. How to earn money online with Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program through which you sell the advertisement space on your blog page or website to Google.

Then, Google displays ads on your page. When someone clicks on that ad you get money for it.

First you have to SignUp for Google AdSense. Usually reply comes under a week.

Keep in mind that your page should not have plenty of advertisements of other companies otherwise your request might be rejected.

If you already have purchased your own domain like (.com or .in) then there are more chances of request being accepted. If your want to use the free domain like ( then you might have to wait for 6 months to become eligible.

3. How to earn money online with Youtube?

  Google's YouTube is a service in which anyone can upload their videos for free and show it to the world.

You tube is the second highest used search engine in the world.

Making money with Youtube is comparatively more easier than blogging.  You just have to make sure that you make interesting videos.

You can also create videos from mobile, on topics that people want to see.

And make sure that video is not porn or sexual, otherwise you will be blocked.

After uploading the video, please keep in mind that you have to go to the Monetization settings of your channel.

When you click on the Monetization tab, you have to connect your Adsense account here.

If you have not yet created your Google AdSense account, you can create a new account from the same page.

Then you have to wait for the Google’s reply, which usually comes within a week. If you get the approval, then Google will start to show their advertisements on your videos.

If people like your videos and click on the Advertisements, then you will earn money.

Keep in mind that you do not click on advertisements yourself or watch your videos repeatedly otherwise your account may be blocked.

4. How to earn money online with Google Apps?

This is the easiest way to make money with Google. Because neither you have to write a blog, nor you have to make videos.

There are many benefits of Google Apps, it allows you to use your own domain for emails for example: instead of using, you can use Apart from this there are many more advantages of using Google Apps.

Google Apps is a very useful service, specially for small businessmen, self employed persons, freelancers etc.

 If you want to earn money online using this method, you just have to sign up for Google apps and share your unique link with your friends and colleagues, if any one chooses to take this service using your link then you will be paid by Google.

I would suggest you to Signup for Google Apps, use this service and explore this for some time, so that you can explain all the benefits to your friend or colleagues.
So dear friends, these were the 4 main ways to earn money online with Google. If you liked the article, please comment below and share with your friends.
As I mentioned in the beginning that we would want you to succeed because blogging is an industry in which you cannot succeed alone.

To increase the page ranks in Google every web page needs backlinks, as you can see I have used many links in my post. If you would succeed you might include a link to this useful article in your web page.  Similarly we all can succeed by helping each other.
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