Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Money Making ideas

Money Making ideas

Dear friends, we all are aware of the fact that for getting rich some people...

1. Choose a wealthy partner...!
2. Invent something new- a product or any concept.
3. Write a novel like... like harry potter, five point someone or blah blah blah...

And on a serious note:

Earn via social networking sites

If you have been over the internet for any period of time, I can guarantee that you must be having accounts on the various social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Hi5 and so on… But I can also be sure of the fact that till now, you have logged on to these sites either to connect with your friends, make profile photos, upload photos/videos, create and join groups and similar many other activities

Research and Earn

Are you in a habit of going deep into matters and searching the hidden truth beneath the layers? Or are you the popular one in your group who has a deep knowledge and insight on any given topic? If yes, and if these are the qualities you match with, ....

Earn through blog advertising

I am sure if you are planning to earn via blog advertising you must be well versed with how to create and operate a blog. Don’t you? But in case you aren’t, what you need to do is simply set up a blog and begin posting in no time. This is the easiest and the quickest way to getting your site started and getting searched by Google and meanwhile don’t miss on getting yourself registered with Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

Though it’s an application of crowd-sourcing but, actually it is this crowd that brings in the cash or the commission for you and in turn helps increase the balance in your bank account. For it brings along rewards with each customer or even a visitor. Some might term it as affiliate marketing and some call it as a form of online marketing too

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